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Briercrest Dominant at Home Versus Great Plains SunDogs

Leanne Niemi

Briercrest College

Wednesday night, Briercrest College hosted the Great Plains College Sun Dogs for their first meeting of the season. Both Briercrest men and women were coming off a win and looked to keep the momentum going.

The game started off evenly, both women’s teams exchanging points early in the first set before Briercrest opened up the scoring, eventually pulling ahead to take the set 25-15. Riding the momentum, Briercrest came out swinging just as hard as they had ended the first set, forcing the Sun Dogs to take an early timeout before ending the set 25-14. The third set started same as the second, with the Sun Dogs calling an early timeout as Briercrest led 10-4. The Sun Dogs returned to the play with a bit more edge but were not able to overcome the deficit and lost the set 25-17. Player of the game for Briercrest went to the libero, Marcee Hoimyr, and to Arielle Freeman for the Sun Dogs.

Not to be outdone by the women, the Briercrest men began the first set with a ferocious start, but the Sun Dogs hung in and pushed back to bring the set to 9’s. However, they were not able to stop Briercrest’s onslaught, and the Clippers took the set 25-13. But come the second set, the Sun Dogs were ready, and the Clippers found themselves struggling to not get swept away by the Sun Dogs. However, after a couple timeouts, the Clippers found some traction, and began to slowly shorten the lead before pulling ahead 18-17. Briercrest then got their feet under them and pushed for the finish, capturing the second set 25-22. Both teams squared off in the third set, going point for point for almost the entire set in some nail-biting, back and forth action. The game came down to the wire, but the Clippers emerged victorious 25-23 after a Sun Dogs service error. Player of the game for Briercrest was middle, Colin Bovingdon, and Kayden Dudley for the Sun Dogs.

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