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Colleges Split Wins As Briercrest Hosts Millar

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Leanne Niemi

Briercrest College

Wednesday night saw Briercrest College hosting the Millar Edge for their second matchup of the season, where Briercrest women had taken the game in three sets and the men lost to the Edge in 5 and were seeking redemption.

The Millar women began the first set with vengeance, catching the Clippers off guard and taking an early lead on Briercrest 7-1. But the Clippers soon found some traction and switched the momentum, eventually taking the lead 8-7. The two teams battled back and forth, but Millar was able to regain their momentum and take the set 25-18. Not to be outdone, Briercrest made the most of their opportunities in the second set which saw them win it 25-20. However, the Edge were determined to achieve a different outcome than the previous encounter, and after an impressive display of dominance won the third set 25-14. But hope was not lost for Briercrest, who proved their worth by overcoming a seven-point deficit to take the set 25-22. The energy was high as both teams squared off for the fifth and final set, each having given as good as they got and determined to be the victor, and at the end of a tight match the Clippers emerged victorious, winning by a score of 15-13.

The Briercrest men rolled into the match on a three-game win streak and opened the game with a determination to see a different outcome than when the two teams first met, putting Millar on their heels early by capturing the first set 25-21. However, Millar played the second set with the same ferocity as Briercrest, and after a tight set full of intense action the Edge took it 26-24. Briercrest, not happy with the result of the last set, went on a run in the third, forcing Millar to call two early timeouts as they found themselves down 15-8. But Millar was not to be upset, and they rallied late to come back and tie it up 15-15 before winning the set 25-20. Briercrest now found themselves on the ropes, and after a slow start to the fourth set they were down 14-7. But all was not lost, and Briercrest clawed their way back into the game, sneaking out a 25-22 win. The game came down to the wire, and after intense back-and-forth action the Clippers pulled out the win and took the last set 15-13.

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