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Briercrest Looks To Bounce Back Against Burman

Ryan Heppell

Briercrest College

February 28, saw the Briercrest Clippers men’s and women’s junior varsity basketball teams hosting the Burman University Bobcats for the second games of their back-to-back weekend.

The Briercrest women were determined to have a different result than Thursdays disappointing loss and hit the ground running, going up 4-0 quickly in the first quarter. They would continue to hold a lead, end the quarter up 17-14. Finding their rhythm, the Clippers continued to play successful offence and tough defense, entering halftime up 31-25. However, the Bobcats regained a bit of their fight, and after a tough quarter Briercrest only led by two points, up 43-41. The battle would continue in the fourth quarter, and after a nail-biting last couple minutes the Clippers would extend their lead and take the game 63-59, their first victory of the season. Player of the game for the Bobcats went to #23 Lilee Burke-Stasink with 19 points, wile for the Clippers it went to #5 Jasmine Repetski, who put up 18 points.

The Briercrest men’s team came out flying in the first quarter, angry about Thursday’s outcome and seeking to make a better push, and the first quarter did not disappoint. Finding their groove early, Briercrest took the lead and kept it, ending the first quarter up 23-17. However, the Bobcats would steal that momentum, taking the second quarter up 38-35 on the Clippers. Briercrest would fight hard in the third quarter but was only able to cut Burman’s lead by one point and ended the third down 57-55. It was in the fourth quarter that things really exploded. Burman put on an impressive offensive display, scoring 35 points in the final quarter. Not to be outdone, Briercrest hung with them, scoring their own 32 points in a lights-out offensive display. However, it would not be enough, and the Bobcats would take the second game 92-87. Player of the game for Burman went to #24 Hizi Rutembsa, who scored 20 points in the matchup, and for Briercrest the award went to #8 Marc Bushman, who recorded 26 points.

The two teams will face each other again March 12th and 13th.

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