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Briercrest Loses To Millar In Final Home Games

Briercrest College and Millar Bible College faced off in their final match of the season before heading into provincials next week. Coming into the match, Millar led Briercrest in the standings and while Briercrest was looking to close that gap, Millar won in a tight game 55-51.

In the 1st quarter, Millar took control early, winning the tip off to drive down the court and taking the first points of the game. Briercrest was quick to respond though and cruised to a 10-4 lead over Millar. Heading into the 2nd quarter, Millar was able to capitalize on a few Briercrest fouls with free throws. As the quarter began to tick down, Millar trailed Briercrest 25-21 to finish the quarter.

The start of the 3rd quarter took a turn when Millar tied Briercrest at 25. Millar didn’t relent throughout the quarter as #7 Emily Budd helped to lead her team in points. For the first time in the match, Millar jumped ahead on the scoreboard 29-27 halfway through, but didn’t hold the lead for long. Briercrest began playing offensively and put pressure on Millar’s defensive to take 4 points and regain their lead. In the final seconds, Millar’s missed basket off the rim allowed Briercrest to take stay ahead, ending the quarter 39-36.

The match continued to be close in the final quarter as Briercrest and Millar fought to stay ahead of each other. Leading Briercrest in this quarter were #9 Alex Pickard and #8 Olivia Fox hitting baskets off the 3-point line. Although #7 Emily Budd for Millar helped her team to increase their lead and win 55-51.

Leanne Niemi

Briercrest College

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