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Briercrest Opens Weekend Series Against Prairie Pilots With Wins

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

In the first match of the season, the Briercrest women and Prairie took their game to 3 sets with Briercrest winning 3-0 for the women. Briercrest started the first set leading Prairie by 5 points and increasing their lead to 14-3. However, the Pilots made a steady come back and closed the gap by 7 points. Briercrest won the set 25-17.

In the second set, the Pilots took an early lead over Briercrest and were consistent in keeping a 2- point lead over Briercrest through the set. Briercrest was able to add 4 points to tie the Pilots, Briercrest’s #15 Emma Thompson helped put Briercrest in the lead for the first time in the set. After continuing back and forth, Briercrest won the set 25-22.

In the final set, Prairie’s #5 Brianne Marler continued the play with a dig off the net and also a block to tie the set at 2. Nearing the end of the set, Briercrest’s #3 Olivia Fox continued the last play of the set to win 25-18.

Players of the Game were: Pilots #5 Brianne Marler and Briercrest’s #7 Alex Pickard.

In men's play, Briercrest came out strong in their first match against Prairie on Friday night, leading 2 sets heading into the 3rd set. Briercrest won the 1st set 25-12 and the 2nd set 25-15. However, Prairie took an early lead in the 3rd set and Briercrest couldn’t recover.

Prairie’s #6 Joseph Mecker hit the ball off the net to send it back to Briercrest who hit it out of bounds. Few minutes later, Briercrest’s #5 Justin Klassen hit Prairies line to move them just one point behind. While it was a close set, Prairie forced a 4th set, winning 25-21. In the final set, Briercrest began pulling away from Prairie and won the game with 25-10.

Players of the Game: For Prairie #14 Brock Andrew and for Briercrest #5 Justin Klassen.

Leanne Niemi

Briercrest College

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