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Burman and Briercrest Square Off In Caronport

Leanne Niemi

Briercrest College

Caronport, SK. Friday, November 8 saw the Briercrest Clippers taking on the Burman Bobcats for their second meeting of the season.

When the two women’s teams last faced, the weekend ended in a split with Burman winning on Friday and Briercrest taking the Saturday game. The Clippers looked to add to their wins against the Bobcats, opening the scoring and gaining the lead in the first set. They continued to build on their lead, maintaining it for the remainder of the set and taking it 25-19. Not to be outdone, the Bobcats pushed back in the second set, keeping the score tight. The two teams continued to exchange points, with neither building a lead until the end of the set, where Briercrest emerged victorious 28-26. Looking to keep their momentum rolling, the Clippers gained the early lead and led for the first half of the set, but Burman found some traction late and went ahead 20-18. However, the Clippers were not to be outdone, and pushed back to take the lead, winning the set 25-21.

When the men last met, Briercrest walked away with two wins, and the Clippers looked to add to that column. Briercrest opened up the scoring, taking the early lead and running with it, leading Burman 17-11. The Clippers continued their barrage, taking the set 25-17. Not looking to give in so easily, the Bobcats kept the game tight for the beginning of the set, but eventually were not able to hang on. The Clippers began to find their rhythm, repeating the score of the first set and winning 25-17. With the Clippers finding their groove, the Bobcats found themselves on the defense and with the game on the line. However, they were not able to halt the Clippers’ momentum, losing the set 25-12.

Caronport, SK. Saturday, November 9 saw the second matchup for the weekend between the Briercrest Clippers and Burman Bobcats. Both Briercrest men’s and women’s teams won their games in three sets on Friday and were looking to do the same.

The Clippers started the first set the same as they did on Friday, building an early lead and never surrendering it. Although the Bobcats pushed back, they could not stop the Clippers’ momentum that was continuing to build from yesterday, losing the set 25-17. But Burman came back swinging in the second set, taking an 11-6 lead. However, the Clippers found their groove and were able to complete the comeback, running away with the rest of the set 25-11. The third set saw both teams evenly facing off, going point for point in a tight battle. However, Briercrest emerged the victor, taking the final set 25-24-23.

The Briercrest men started off the first set with the same aggression that they played with yesterday, carrying over their momentum. Burman was unable to interrupt Briercrest’s rhythm, losing the first set 25-15. But Burman was not going to be walked over in three sets, taking the lead 18-14 in the second set before emerging victorious 25-21. Starting to find their groove, the Bobcats began to swing the momentum, taking the third set 25-15. On the ropes, Briercrest looked to restore their dominance, leading the Bobcats 20-4 in the fourth set. However, the Bobcats rallied late, scoring 19 points and nearly overtaking the Clippers, losing the set 25-23. But the fifth and final set went to the Clippers, who made no mistake after a 10-0 lead, taking the set 15-5.

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