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Clippers and Edge Clash In Caronport

Ryan Heppell

Briercrest College

To start the women’s game, Briercrest took off on a 5-0 lead and looked to be in their rhythm right off the hop. However, the Edge began to steal the momentum, going up 8-5 and forcing a Briercrest timeout. Millar would go on to halt Briercrest’s offense, finishing the quarter 20-5. The second quarter saw Briercrest get some of their offense back, outscoring Millar 18-17 and going into half time down 37-23. Both teams were evenly matched in the third quarter, scoring fourteen points apiece and giving no ground. The quarter ended with the Edge up 51-37. However, it was in the fourth quarter that Briercrest found their edge, pushing hard to bring the game within a couple points. Only down 55-51, it seemed that Briercrest would be able to make the comeback, but it was not meant to be. In the final minutes of the game, the Edge pushed hard, scoring 14 points and extending their lead to 69-51 to end the game. Player of the game for Millar was #7 Emily Budd, who recorded 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 steals. For Briercrest, the award went to #4 Dayna Sewell, who put up 15 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals, and 3 blocks.

Like the women’s game, Briercrest opened the scoring against Millar in the men’s game, taking off on an early lead. But brilliant three-point shooting by Nolan Fontaine saw the Edge race off to a 20-12 lead on the Clippers. Briercrest would score 8 more points compared to Millar’s 2 points to end the half trailing 22-20. The second quarter saw Briercrest begin to find their groove, outscoring Millar 24-20 to end the quarter up 44-42. The intensity didn’t slow down in the third, with Millar scoring 22 points over Briercrest’s 20 to have the quarter end all tied up at 64. It was in the fourth quarter that Briercrest would completely take over, finding their rhythm and outscoring Millar by 8 points and taking the game 80-72. Player of the game for Millar went to #15 Nolan Fontaine, who put up 28 points and 9 rebounds. And for Briercrest, the player of the game award went to #11 Eli Barkey, who recorded 17 points, 11 rebounds, and 8 steals.

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