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Millar and Briercrest Battle It Out

Millar Bible College women took the first game against Briercrest College last night 3-1. Both teams displayed their strengths throughout the match however; Millar pulled away early; winning 2 straight matches 25-15 in the 1st and 2nd sets. Early in the 2nd set, Briercrest took a penalty due to having an illegal player on the court (line-up did not match the game sheet) and was docked all their points. Millar therefore took a 5- point lead and Briercrest struggled to catch up.

Heading into the 3rd set, Briercrest and Millar were neck and neck for most of the set. Briercrest slowly took the lead half way through the set and won the set 25-22 forcing a 4th set. The teams once again stayed within a few points of one another early on with Briercrest leading Millar. Millar finally catch up with Briercrest and to the lead in the later part of the set. In the final rally for the game point, Briercrest pushed Millar to work for the game winner. Millar ultimately ended the rally; winning the final set 25-16.

Player of the Games went to: Briercrest #12 Cassidy Andersen and Millar #14 Jamie Sawatsky.

In other action, Millar Bible College men pulled ahead in their first game against Briercrest College to win the match 3-1. Although Briercrest won the 1st set 25-22, Millar made a comeback to win the next three sets.

Millar took an early start in the 1st and continued to lead Briercrest until half way through when Briercrest brought the game within a few points. Briercrest won the match 25-22. Starting off the 2nd set, Briercrest took an early lead with Millar close behind. Millar eventually tied the game and soon after jumped into the lead; they took the set 25-23. Once again both teams kept the set close, showing strong rallies. Millar took the 3rd set 25-21 and led the match 2-1 heading into the 4th set. Millar start off the set strong and Briercrest struggled to keep up in the set, Millar won the set 25-13 to win the match overall.

Player of the Games went to: Briercrest #1 Wesley Hackl and Millar #10 Colin Buechert

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