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PAC Outdoor Soccer Champions Crowned

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Millar College hosted the outdoor soccer PAC Championships on October 6-7. The womens teams started off the weekend with the Millar Edge playing the Briercrest Clippers. The Clippers won the match 3-2. After which, the men’s teams played with the Edge taking the win, 4-2. There were only two men’s teams present this weekend so this first game was a friendly match—they would play each other once again in the final on Saturday morning. The two games before the finals, for the women, determined who would take the second spot in the finals. The Pilots played the Edge and then the Clippers but were unable to pull off the win they needed to get to the final.

For the men’s final the Clippers and the Edge met once again. Briercrest took the title of PAC Champions by a score of 3-1.  On the women’s side, it was a stand still between Millar and Briercrest where there were no goals scored, forcing the game to go into a ten minute overtime and then a shootout. The Briercrest Clippers won the shootout which went down to the last shooters. It was an exciting way to end the tournament and outdoor soccer tournament.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play and support their teams! 

Missy McComish - Millar College

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