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PAC Outdoor Soccer Championships

Kevin Peters

Millar College

Millar and Briercrest met at Briercrest this weekend for PAC Outdoor Soccer Championships. There were two games played for both men’s and women’s teams, with the Championship being award to the team with the highest point total. The weather managed to cooperate, and although it was cold, at least we weren’t playing in snow!

The men started us off with a hard fought match. There was no scoring in the first half and then Millar came out strong in the second half and final was 2-0 for Millar with Ben Friesen and Ryan Capelle scoring for the Edge. Players of the game were #12 Dawson Leister for Briercrest and #10 Landon Eisnecth for Millar. In the second game between the men, it was equally as close. After a hard fought match, Millar edged out Briercrest to a 1-0 win and the PAC Championship. Players of the game were #4 BJ Inion for Briercrest and #18 Park Letts for Millar.

On the women’s side, Briercrest came out quickly in the first game to a 2-0 lead. In the end, the final of the first match was 5-1 Briercrest with Joelle Wiebe scoring the lone goal for Millar and receiving the Player of the Game award for Millar. Briercrest had Emma Fulawka and Anita Frei scoring 2 goals each and Kathryn Fong scoring one. Anita Frei was Player of the Game for Briercrest. The next match had Briercrest winning 5-0 and claiming the Championship with Emma Fulawka and Lauren Koop each scoring two goals and Kathryn Fong scoring one. Millar’s Player of the Game was #6 Emily Fast and Briercrest Player of the Game was #18 Colette Thiessen.

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