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Round 2: Millar and Briercrest Meet Again

The Millar Edge and Briercrest Clippers headed into their second games against one another Wednesday, October 10th. Once again, the action lead to two exciting games. In the end, the Clippers women beat the Edge 3-2 and the Edge men beat the Clippers 3-1.

In the women’s match, Briercrest started the 1st set strong and increased their lead to 10 points before winning it 25-18. The 2nd set began fairly even between the teams, going back and forth. The Edge however slipped ahead with a block from #3 Beth Giesbrecht to put their team 3 points up. The Clippers were able to beat Millar in the 3rd set to force the 4th set, but Millar ultimately won the close set 25-22. Going into the 5th set, it was once again a close set, with the Clippers taking the lead. Briercrest’s #13 Raena McNabb took a point of her serve to lead Millar 11-8 nearing the end. Briercrest won the set 15-12.

In the men’s match, the Edge came out with the first point and the Clippers struggled to catch up as the set continued. Millar took the 1st set 25-15. In the 2nd set, Briercrest was able to take the lead and keep a close match. Millar however inched away in the set and beat Briercrest 25-17. Heading into the 3rd, Millar this time took an early 4-0 lead, but Briercrest was quick to catch up, capitalizing on out of bounds blocks to win 25-23. In the final two sets, both teams kept it a close and competitive match, Millar however won both 25-22 and 25-22.

Players of the game were: For Briercrest #11 Mullan Mack and #12 Brayden Pearson and for Millar #6 Chelsea Doerksen and #12 Conrad Gengenbach.

Kevin Peters Millar College

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